adam booth

words artist & musician

Adam Booth is a young Appalachian storyteller and musician. Born and raised in West Virginia, the study of Appalachian history and culture lies at the heart of his award-winning work.

The Appalachian 20th Century


With a goal to illuminate the Appalachian experience over the course of a hundred years, the Appalachian 20th Century is a cycle of program-length neo-traditional stories about our people and their situations. These pieces are neither personal tall tales nor retold traditional stories; they comprise a separate vein of Adam's creative output. Each piece retells two traditional stories and sets them in a different decade around actual historical events. This list will be updated as new pieces enter Adam's repertoire.

1900s: In Progress. Check back for more information.


1920s: Ashton (2015)
Ashton's musical life in a small coal town is forever changed when a record company representative comes collecting mountain music in Bristol. With love at her core, she ventures to the city with mountain songs and a hope for a better life. This is the first completed piece, which is part of Adam's performance repertoire and is available as a live recording.






1980s: Daniel the Great (2016)
Danny works as a midway fortune teller for a traveling carnival. When the fair makes a stop in east Kentucky, he returns home after many years to find his preacher father has died, his brother Thad has taken over their holler's spiritual life, and their church is suffering from inner turmoil that his presence has caused. This is the second piece of the series and is available for concerts, festivals, and theater performances.