ghost stories & spookier things

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Like the scary stuff? So does Adam.
YES, he tells spooky stories.
YES, they are scary.
YES, people jump and call out during these tales, even high school students and adults!
NO, these programs are not for young or immature listeners.
Adam's spooky stories include traditional and original stories and songs about ghosts (haints, haunts, & boogers), witches, inexplicable phenomena, and strange creatures from West Virginia. 

Here are responses from real eighth graders at Robert Anderson Middle School in Anderson, South Carolina: 
"We were all excited when we walked in and then we were on the edge of our seat!"
"When he said there was a noise, he made the noise and it made us scared because it was mysterious."
"Instead of being a boring forced tone, it was actually scary.  I think we all felt a sense of caution, because we knew he was capable of scaring us.  We just didn't know when or how."

Interested in hearing more? Visit the contact page. These stories are most appropriate for evening concerts. A campfire is not required!