adam booth

words artist & musician

Adam Booth is a young Appalachian storyteller and musician. Born and raised in West Virginia, the study of Appalachian history and culture lies at the heart of his award-winning work.

It's time to think about school visits for the 2016 - 2017 academic year! Explore the information below to learn more about programming, workshops, costs, and reviews. The first place you'll want to visit is the School & Library programming button. When you're ready, use the form at the bottom of the page to take the next step in bringing Adam to your venue. 

2017 Special Deals ! Discount dates are available for:
West Virginia: Central and Northern WV on February 10, 13, 17
Western WV on March 14 - 17 and 21 - 22.
Alabama: late January 2017
North Carolina: mid-August
Please inquire about other states.

"Better than Netflix"
     Leadership Jefferson
"They loved [Adam]! During the wrap-up awards ceremony, [he] was all the rage! Amazing! Incredible! Da Bomb! Bring him back! Very Expressive! Phenomenal!"
     Eagle School Intermediate Faculty and Students, West Virginia
"He was phenomenal!"
     E. Lister, 8th Grade English Teacher, South Carolina
"I looked around as you were singing Barbara Allen and the whole room was transfixed - right there with you."
     Bethany College Junior Class President

Use these buttons to explore the programming and workshops Adam can offer. Looking for something you don't see? Suggest a workshop or program and Adam will work to see if it can be developed for you. 

Please note: For school shows, Adam books in half and full day blocks. A half day will include two or three programs (assemblies and/or workshops) and a full day will include five or six, depending on your daily schedule. 
How much does a visit cost? This will depend on if you book for a half or full day and where Adam is before & after your event. The fee includes three parts: base rate, travel cost, and lodging (if required). Discounts are available based on location and other events in the area. 
Send an inquiry with the form below to get a quote! 

Enjoy samples of traditional storytelling, original work, and balladry.

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