theater spaces & residencies

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Adam's storytelling ignites theater audiences, taking listeners to new depths of emotional experience. His theater programs range from full-length concert pieces, like those in the Appalachian 20th Century series, to thematic programs made of multiple curated stories. His solo concerts bring a range of interactive human experiences, including laughter, joy, sadness, tears, and excitement, and are suitable for small to medium-sized theater spaces and auditoriums.  

Adam is also available for artist residencies at a variety of venues, including art museums, schools, universities, and centers of creativity. During residencies, Adam can share story concerts, create new work in line with the host setting, open an art exhibit, demonstrate elements of Appalachian culture, teach storytelling, and more. His residencies and fellowships include the Huntington Museum of Art, the Banff Center Spoken Word ProgramBerea College Sound Archives, and the International Storytelling Center.

Appalachian 20th Century Series

Ghost Stories and Spooky Tales

House Concerts