adam booth

words artist & musician

Adam Booth is a young Appalachian storyteller and musician. Born and raised in West Virginia, the study of Appalachian history and culture lies at the heart of his award-winning work.

On this page you will find the following examples of folkloric pursuits:
1) Examples of audio field recordings
2) Sample Appalachian Studies course syllabi 
3) Photo and video of folklore classes at the West Virginia Governor's Honors Academy
4) Audio & images of research findings from the Leonard Roberts Collection at Berea College Archives
5) Promotional video of an educational folklore-based CD project for youth

Here you can listen to samples of audio field recordings.

Here you can click links to view sample syllabi for Appalachian Studies Courses. 
APST 345: Appalachian Storytelling and Folklore
APST 343: Appalachian Music

Here you can view photos and video relating to the 2015 West Virginia Governor's Honors Academy folklore course "Green Hills of Wonder." 

Here you will find a sample of audio and slides based on research findings in Berea College's Leonard Roberts Collection. Use the images to view phrases from different tellers and different stories. Above the slides you will find an audio bar that will play the excerpts in the slides. Notice the commonality of rhythm. 

Here is a promotional video for my 2014 Parents' Choice Silver Honored recording, The Mountain Came Alive. This recording tells the story of the last year  in the life of a mountain slated to be mined by mountain top removal. The recording draws upon regional beliefs and roots-musical styles to create an original story with new music.